Former Royal Butler Escapes The Palace With...

Princess's Weight Loss Diet "Secret"

Discover How She Lost 27 Pounds In Just 12 Weeks Whilst Eating More Than Three Meals Per Day

“I owe it all to the butler!”

Well, that’s what she said. I asked what the heck she meant.

“The butler got me to look like this!”

You see, in 2002 the former Royal Butler escaped the Palace with a gold bound black leather notebook. What was inside was truly extraordinary, 314 pages of hand-written diary entries documenting the Princess’s life – personal secrets that if came out would cause a furor, and within them – a tightly documented, super-fast weight loss secret that helped her lose 27 pounds in just 12 weeks whilst eating more than three meals per day.

This secret is so powerful that many diet websites and weight loss experts don’t want you to discover it…. …that’s why it’s been under wraps for several years.

The Princess’s weight loss diet secret will allow you to:

How do I know all this?

I’ve used it – and I lost over 20 pounds in just 66 days – 21 and a half pounds to be exact.

Let me share with you my story…

A little over two years ago, on a cold, wet London winters day – I learned of this incredible weight loss secret quite unexpectedly. I was at a low ebb in my life – I was an emotional wreck, 20 pounds overweight and deeply unhappy. I was frustrated, even ashamed with the way I looked and desperately seeking a solution to my problems with weight.

I'd been a professional athlete for several years but after being forced to quit through a lack of funding I found myself over-eating and spiraling into depression.

My weight soared and I was unfit, unhealthy and deeply unhappy.

My long-term girlfriend left me, I was working 12 hours a day in a dead-end job; living a life I didn't want in a body I couldn't stand – I was in a mess. Everyone was telling me to sort myself out, and I tried – I tried to eat healthier, to eat less, to get back in shape, to stop those midnight trips to the kitchen cupboard and gorging on chocolate to make myself feel better...

...and then I met Monday.

How COULD she look like THAT; sexy, tight, shaped, toned and vibrant – the way all women secretly or otherwise want to look like – and what every guy wants to go out with!

“The butler got you to look like that – not an ounce of fat anywhere etc etc – and you expect me to believe you?”

I was irritated, putting it mildly. The fact she looked SOOO good took the edge off my irritation but I KNEW about weight-loss; knew how difficult it was to take weight off and KEEP IT OFF! It was a nightmare. I know cos I’d tried – repeatedly. I’d tried every diet out there; Atkins, Weight Watchers®, Jenny Craig®, Fat Loss 4 Idiots®. – and failed. I tried the diet pills; Trimpsa®, Hydroxycut®, Hoodia, Acai, even Phentermine® - and failed. I even tried those Pink Patches! I was a former international athlete with good genes and even better metabolism – and I’d still failed!

I’d come to realise that…

There’s NO SUCH THING as a ‘weight loss miracle.’

Or so I thought.

“What the heck does a butler know about weight-loss?” I asked, marvelling at how gorgeous my irritator was – and how irritating she continued to be!

“Nothing actually!” She replied with an even more charming flash of fabulous teeth! God, she was sensational and beyond irritation now!

“Ok, ok,” I sighed, admitting defeat. “So HOW did you get to look like that? I mean, honestly, the last time I saw you, what, 7 years ago you were – frankly, FAT!”

“Well thank you kind sir,” she giggled, making fun of me. “Glad you noticed!”

“Well, you’re certainly not fat now,” I answered, glancing at the inviting slimness of her thighs and the stylish way her low-cut jeans seemed glued to every curve.

“No – I lost over 4 stone in fact – three years ago now – and never a pound added since then.”

She sure had my attention. I mean, how had she shed shedloads of fat AND KEPT IT OFF? For THREE years after having two children!

“Want to tell me how?” I asked again, pushing my fat face closer to hers so I could study every feature of what was getting to be a progressively more appealing sight with every moment.

“It’s like I said,” she replied. “I owe it all to the butler!”

She could see I was losing patience.

“Ok ok she smiled. Wanna hear the whole story?”

I nodded and sat back wondering if this fabulous creature would ever stop looking so good.

“The butler gave me the secret,” she confided, leaning closer across the bar-table; so close I could see the pulse in the soft sweep of her throat. “But he didn’t know anything about it. It was in a book he let me borrow.”

“A book?” I questioned, raising my eye-brows suddenly, finding the news even more interesting than her, which was saying something, the way she looked. “What book?”

“The book which taught me all I needed to know about REAL weight loss and REALLY keeping it off – forever!”

I sat silent for a moment, wondering whether to laugh or ask another question. The question won. We both knew it would. She smiled.

“What was in the book?” I asked, hardly daring to believe that what she said might possibly have been true.

“The secrets about real weight loss. The sort of secrets the professionals in the business really DON’T want you to know.”

“Ok,” I answered cautiously. “And if the butler knew nothing of all this, who wrote the book?”

“That’s easy,” she replied. “The Princess!”

And that’s how I got to be here, now, talking to you and about to give YOU the stunningly successful details about really how to lose weight and keep it off, feel fabulous and look forward to a future of slim-hipped, healthy and perfect-weight eating.

You see, When I look back at myself just over two years ago I realize that I couldn't get past feeling sorry for myself, I let how I looked become who I was. I didn't lose weight and get in shape because everywhere I turned, I was given the WRONG advice.

With all the weight loss hype, it’s almost impossible for you to tell fact from fiction. There’s always a new “miracle breakthrough” being touted, one after the other. If it’s not Hoodia Gordonnii, it’s Acai Berry or some secret seaweed extract or some other “magical herb” found in the remotest parts of the Amazon rainforest. It’s all a rip-off.

What you really need - to lose weight fast and keep it off – is one thing:

A healthy and balanced nutritional PROGRAM that uses your body’s own natural fat burning rhythm

When you start on a program like this you’ll:

These are ALL important factors which 98.9% of traditional weight loss products don’t give you. If you have found it extremely difficult to stick to a diet plan, chances are it was missing one or more of the factors above. Your diet program MUST GIVE YOU the very best chance at maintaining MOTIVATION by incorporating all of these things so that you can quickly and consistently lose weight.

Before I met Monday, I never realized all this.

Transpires that ‘Monday’ girl (I met her on a Monday!) had worked part-time at the Palace apartments off Hyde Park as one of the Princess’ ‘make-up and manicure’ team. She got to know ‘the butler’ whilst doing his nails when he was off-duty and found they shared the same music interests. He often got her tickets to concerts that the Princess couldn’t go to; Monday talked to him when they both had a spare moment and kept his nails in the condition he liked. She sometimes cut his hair too.

Just so happened that back then ‘Monday’ was seriously fat and out of condition. It caused her a lot of heartache and unhappiness. She was about 4 stone overweight so that no way could she ever think of being happy with a bloke or even having the nerve to look for one. So she spent her spare time reading magazines, watching TV and eating chocolate! And the ‘spiral’ we all know just got bigger and bigger – and so did she!

The butler, a sensitive guy who genuinely liked her for who she was said he’d help and one day he knocked on her workroom door.

“Got something for you,” he said, looking about nervously.

Monday wondered why he looked so tense. He was usually so ‘cool’ and confident. He was a favourite at the Palace.

“Don’t leave it lying around,” he said, handing her a small leather-bound diary with the Palace logo on it. “Have a read and copy out the bits you think might help. Don’t photo-copy it. I’ll need it back tomorrow.”

He gave her the diary, turned and left.

When Monday got back to her flat she nervously opened the book and inside found the treasure she didn’t know she needed. It was the Princess’ weight-loss secrets clearly given to her by the very top nutritionists and health experts throughout the world. Only a princess could have been given access to such priceless information. It was the sort of information that the top industries in food, diet and nutrition DO NOT want anyone to know cos it would cost them a fortune in the repeat sales of their products that DON’T WORK!

Monday spent the whole night reading and writing out as much as she could use straight away.

It was full of the most fantastic information…

Information about how REALLY to lose weight AND keep it off AND look a million dollars!

Monday was stunned, then thrilled then overpoweringly excited, just as I was when I studied what she gave me. Just as YOU will be when you get to use the information Monday gave me!

She started her ‘diet’ the very next day and gave back the diary to her good friend the butler and it really wasn’t long before he noticed a difference in her. 6 days in fact! Then her friends started to notice the slimmed-down Monday version; the version of herself she had always dreamed of but never believed could exist. NOW it did and within just 30 days many of the palace officials remarked on how good Monday was looking. They were shocked – they thought it was because she’d found a guy at last!

If only they had known the truth – well, maybe not!

Later that week Monday gave me all her notes on the Princess diet and I set about creating my own personalized 30 day diet plan using the Princess’s blueprint.

I lost 21 and a half pounds in just 66 days by following the plan religiously, and now you can too…

It Is Time To Be Smarter Than Your Friends

Now, finally, you can stop buying the next celebrity endorsed diet pill. Stop yo-yoing from the Zone Diet® to the Cabbage Soup Diet, from the South Beach Diet® to the latest online diet plan, from one worthless starvation diet to the next.

You can ignore the television commercials that sing about the latest miracle weight loss cure, the shelves full of useless “stuff” at the super-market. Get and stay with the one simple and complete professional weight loss system that really works.

While your friends keep on losing weight and gaining it back, continue to throw their money away on diet fads and weight loss scams, continue to chase the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”…

…you can now lose those unwanted pounds and inches safely, easily and quick – and keep them off forever!

…I have developed a diet plan that utilizes all of the weight loss strategies used by the Princess which enabled her to get her figure back and look a million or more dollars without the usual hardships associated with most diets.

It is called The 30 Day Diet and I’m convinced it will be the final solution to your weight loss tribulations.




FACT: Some of the most popular, best-selling diets may have some serious potentially dangerous problems.

For example; high fat, low carb diets can increase your risk of coronary heart disease, osteoporosis (bone density loss), and kidney disease (could this be the real reason Dr. Atkins died?). Or, did you know that some low fat diets lack Vitamin B-12 and are short on essential, "good" fatty acids? - triggering fatigue and depression, even weight gain?! (And what do many people do when they are tired and depressed? Right. They eat 'junk'!) As a matter of FACT, virtually every popular diet plan lets you eat lots of one kind of food while TAKING AWAY another kind of food, creating some sort of nutritional deficiency an, in many cases, serious health risks. Do you really have to RISK DISEASE OR DEATH TO LOSE WEIGHT?

Absolutely not. The 30 Day Diet has made weight loss not only safe but healthy.

FACT: The vast majority of popular diets focus on weight loss rather than fat loss.

The scales can be misleading. Losing weight is one thing, but losing fat is quite another; most diets continue to focus on the number shown on the scales. It is important you realize that it is fat loss you are after, not necessarily weight loss. You need to decrease your body fat percentage in order to get slim and toned - sometimes you may find that the scales aren't moving when in fact you are losing fat - this is often when people give up in frustration just when they are about to see incredible results. Muscle weighs more than fat so if you increase muscle mass whilst losing fat it is eminently possible that you could even gain weight! Do you really want to LOSE YOUR FIGURE AND LOOK LIKE A COAT HANGER?

Of course not. The 30 Day Diet is focused on fat loss, not just weight loss.

FACT: Many of the newest diet plans advocate eating junk food regularly.

Some of the newest diet plans even advocate eating junk food regularly, relying on their unique "system" to help your body burn fat - this just doesn't make any common sense - if you are going to lose weight would you really visit the local MacDonalds drive-thru on your way home from work? There are certain times when your body is able to effectively burn these types of indulgences, but most diets don’t cater for this. The worst of them make truly outrageous promises to ensure you spend your money with them – like losing all the weight you want eating only chocolate! The only thing you'll be burning on these types of diets is a hole in your wallet - if you fall for these lies you'll gain more fat than you lose, continue yo-yo dieting and stay fat.

Forget these scams, The 30 Day Diet uses common sense – you’ll eat your indulgences at specific times when your body can deal with them.

FACT: Recent ridiculous diet fads focus on eating only one or two magic foods whilst excluding all others.

There is the rice diet, the grapefruit diet, the maple syrup diet, the cabbage soup diet and tons of others. You can temporarily lose weight with ANY of them – the problem is, nobody can ever stick to such a limited, restrictive “single food” diets for long. When you fall off the wagon and begin to binge (as you undoubtedly will do), you feel guilty and inevitably give up. Worse still, should you have the huge willpower to stick to a limited-food diet such as this you deprive yourself of essential nutrition – thus resulting in a heightened risk of a wide range of health problems, such as heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Many of these diets are found in popular books, they are hyped by the authors on Oprah® and other major TV shows and endorsed by celebrities reportedly using them. Remember this rule – if a diet is based on eating only one or a few foods and nothing else it is going to fail you and even cause your serious health problems.

Leave the cabbage soup diet scams well alone, The 30 Day Diet gives you the full spectrum of nutrition to ensure you continue to lose weight and stay healthy.

FACT: A huge number of popular diets are impossibly complicated.

Diet plans that require you to count calories, calculate gycemic indexes, plan meals by carefully combining only certain foods and work out macro-nutrient balances are counter-productive. They do the exact opposite of what you need to lose weight – they make you obsessed with food. If you hang around people in one of the popular weight loss programs and you’ll hear them shout about how many calories or points one food is versus another, and how they can eat this or that because they have skipped calories or points earlier in the day. They are thinking about nothing else but food all day and become obsessed with the “system”. These types of diet plans are so complicated you need a degree from Harvard and a scientific calculator.

Sure, they can give you temporary weight loss but in 90% of cases, people who lose weight on gimmick programs like this end up gaining all the weight they lost (and more). The dirty little secret these big companies don’t share is that 70% of their current customers have come running back to them after putting all the weight they lost on their complex diet back on! Some of these big brand weight loss companies and authors INTENTIONALLY, DELIBERATELY (AND CYNICALLY) OVER-COMPLICATE to make it impossible to call the diet itself a failure… …and point the finger back at you, the customer for failing to follow all the instructions! Put simply, if your diet manual has charts graphs and diagrams or requires complicated math, counting and scoring – avoid it like the plague and save yourself the time and effort.

Turf out complex diet programs and forget counting of any kind, The 30 Day Diet requires NO COUNTING – you need only look in the mirror to see incredible results.

FACT: Tons of big-name diets effectively force you to buy their own branded foods or supplements.

Whether it is the Jenny Craig® plan, the Zone Diet®, Medifast® or the South Beach Diet® - when you jump on one of the big brand diet programs you’ll be enticed into purchasing their own expensive branded food and supplement products. This is completely unnecessary and will only result in your bank balance shrinking, not your belly. Any diet worth its salt will work with regular food from the supermarket and not encourage you to buy hyped-up branded food in order to get maximum weight loss results. It really says it all that the South Beach Diet® foods are owned by Kraft Foods, which also make all kinds of fattening foods. Kraft is NOT in the weight loss business. They are in the food business.

Ignore the big brands and their over-priced branded meals, The 30 Day Diet gives you super efficient weight loss with normal food found in your local store.

FACT: Most popular diets use a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Generalizing is never a good idea, especially when it comes to weight loss. I’m sure you’ve noticed how the majority of diets offer one plan designed to be followed by everyone. The influence of diet is unique to each person. There is NO generalized diet plan that will work for everyone – if you are to maximize your weight loss and continue to shift pounds you need to ensure that your diet is personalized. It is created by you, for you.

Stop using other people’s diets, The 30 Day Diet gives you a personalized individual diet plan based on your own genetic makeup, circumstances and food choices.

FACT: Weight loss pills, powders and potions DO NOT WORK without the help of a quality nutrition plan.

Everyone who is concerned with their weight WANTS to believe that by swallowing just one pill safely free of side effects we could safely burn off body fat and eat pizza, burgers and ice-cream to out hearts content. If there was such a pill, I can promise you, you could not buy it from a TV commercial, a magazine ad or off the shelf at Wal-Mart®. Hoodia isn’t it, Acai isn’t it, even Alli® isn’t it. It would be owned by a giant pharmaceutical company, dispensed only by doctors and be extremely expensive. Many of these magical pills you see advertised all around contain dangerous ingredients and have some extremely serious side effects, some have even been banned due to fatalities. The marketers behind these so called “miracle” weight loss supplements use all kinds of dirty tricks to get you to part with your hard-earned cash, one of the latest is to give their products medical sounding names like Xenadrine®, Met-RX® or Hydroxycut®. These may fool you into thinking these products are more scientific, medicine type products but remember, names are just that; created by the advertising people and not scientists or physicians.

At best these products do little harm but little good – at worst they can cause life-threatening illnesses. Even the ones that claim to include ingredients that are clinically proven to aid weight loss usually contain such small quantities that they have little effect. If you are ever promised that all you need to do is take a pill to lose weight, you’re being lied to. Such a pill does not exist. This does not mean that you should never supplement your nutrition, there are some products which can genuinely help, but no one thing, be it a pill, a powder, a drink or a snack substitute is going to help you drop a jean size. You have to have quality products integrated into a balanced, complete nutritional program.

Ignore the diet pill scams and focus on your nutrition first, The 30 Day Diet is an all-natural dieting approach that focuses on food first.

The 30 Day Diet (The Princess’s Diet). Now you have a better choice.

This weight loss approach that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from any of those described above, because The 30 Day Diet UNIQUELY COMBINES the following vital components:

The Biggest Diet Secret Of All

Have you ever wanted to find out the most powerful dieting and weight loss strategy out there? The one that the weight loss “gurus” and diet industry scammers don’t want you to know about? The sure-fire, guaranteed way to burn fat and lose weight always, and forever?

This one secret has been proven in a 2009 study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to help people who use it:

The secret is calorie cycling, or zigzag dieting.

Check out this diagram of a typical fast weight loss diet scam:

This poor soul lost nearly 15 lbs of muscle and only around 6 lbs of fat! He or she will yo-yo back up to 200 pounds in no time – however, in doing so they will be around 38% body fat instead of their original 30%!


Because they won't regain all of the lean muscle they lost as a result of their crash dieting! This type of scenario happens all the time to both women and men…


A zigzag diet is different.

It enables you to bust through any weight loss plateaus and force your body to burn way more fat whilst preserving your muscle, and figure by cycling low calorie days with higher calorie days.

Here are some fat loss FACTS:

FACT: YOU CANNOT lose fat unless you’re on a negative calorie balance diet.

FACT: YOU CANNOT gain muscle tissue unless you’re on a positive calorie balanced diet.

FACT: YOU CANNOT lose fat and gain muscle unless you alternate periods of negative calorie balance with periods of positive calorie balance.

FACT: It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose total body weight, stay at the same total body weight or gain total body weight. The zigzag strategy applies to everyone. All the time.

If you're making the same deadly diet mistakes as most other people, you might lose some weight temporarily, but you'll actually get fatter in the long run. Your body is just way too smart for these "ordinary" diets to ever work - you can't fool a metabolic and hormonal system that's the result of thousands of years of evolution - You have to work with your metabolism, not against it!

When the process of zigzagging is actually integrated into a more comprehensive plan which is personalized you force your body to burn so much fat, so fast and so easily that weight loss becomes simple.

So simple, the princess used it to keep off weight easily and now you can too with The 30 Day Diet.

The 30 Day Diet System Will Help You:


With The 30 Day Diet you get instant access to the following revolutionary, Princess inspired dieting systems:

The 30 Day Diet Generator

It is vital to utilize an easy-to-follow nutrition plan. Our 30 day diet generator software gives you just that – a step-by-step, simple yet powerful dietary plan which ensures you never have to guess about what to eat and never struggle with temptation again. With your easy-to-follow 5 meals per day, you’ll always be eating delicious mouth-watering meals and you’ll never go hungry or unsatisfied. Your energy and metabolism will be high and steady all day long and you’re weight loss will be put on auto-pilot.

Rather than eating 3 average-tasting meals a day that cause you to gain weight, why not eat 5 delicious balanced meals that melt pounds from your body and keep them off. Imagine how good you’ll feel when everything you eat tastes great and when your energy stays high throughout the day. Your body looks slimmer and you feel sexier than you have in decades. After all the struggles with your weight, the battle is won. You are finally happy.

With The 30 Day Diet generator software you follow the...

7 Steps To Maximum Fat Loss

It is so simple:

The 30 Day Diet Bible

Losing weight becomes easy when you know exactly what you need to do. Our 62 page diet bible educates you on the very latest fat loss techniques and strategies to make certain you always make the right choices. Losing weight can sometimes seem like a battle you can't win and most diet plans tell you to follow a strict regime without helping you understand why. However, with our diet bible you’ll gain the knowledge and motivation you need to lose fat consistently and you'll understand why some strategies work and others do not.

Finally you will realize that weight loss is not about deprivation or strict dieting, but about following easy, immensely pleasureable eating strategy that has been proven time and time again by leading scientists across the world. Once you have read The 30 Day Diet Bible you will finally feel in control of your weight loss, fully confident about your ability to lose fat and never again will you feel the confusion or struggle that plagues other people's efforts to lose weight and keeps them forever fat.

The 30 Day Diet Quick-Start Guide

It’s the start that’s difficult. Use our Quick-Start Guide to get up and running with your weight loss plan in the quickest time possible so that you get off to the perfect start and continue that way. Say goodbye to the diet mistakes that others make and start losing weight in the most effective way possible, starting today. You’ll begin maximizing your metabolism from day one – by the end of the week you’ll be surprised how many pounds you’ve already lost. You will feel calm and in control, having short-circuited the stress that plagues most dieters so that you can finally lose all the weight you want and feel like a million dollars. You’ll look so good your friends will be asking you for your secret!

What To Do Next:

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Remember, you’ll get instant access to The 30 Day Diet generator software, the downloadable e-books “The 30 Day Diet Bible” and “The Quick-Start Guide”. But that’s not all...

...I’m also going to throw in two essential bonuses exclusively for the first 100 customers:

W8Loss Motiv8

Maintaining motivation whilst losing weight is one of the most difficult and least mentioned aspects of weight loss. In this downloadable e-book you’ll discover 11 sure-fire strategies to ensure you maintain your motivation and your weight loss. You’ll never need willpower to lose weight ever again when you discover the real secrets to continued weight loss that I reveal in this exclusive weight loss motivation report.

When you keep your motivation to lose weight high, you’ll never find yourself quitting early – you’ll lose weight and keep it off permanently. Imagine how you’d feel when you realize that losing weight is easy – when you realize that continued motivation means you’ll never need another diet to lose weight – discovering these secrets will lead to elevated mood, a feeling that you can accomplish anything and a knowing that you deserve to look how you’ve dreamed about.

The Supplement Files

This downloadable e-book will ensure you stop wasting money on useless supplements. You’ll gain up-to-date information to help you avoid making a major mistake and throwing your money away on useless supplements and pills. You’ll discover exactly which products will accelerate your weight loss progress and those that do nothing but hinder it. You’ll never again find yourself concerned about making the wrong choice, about whether your money is being well spent, about whether you’ll lose as much weight as advertised.

I show you, in plain English, the supplements that will compliment your diet and accelerate your fat loss so that you feel more in control. Once you’ve read this report you’ll know exactly how to make up for certain nutritional deficiencies with supplementation and make certain that your body is fully detoxed and running at maximum efficiency.

All of these products are fully useable during your $4.95 21 day trial period.

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Stop Wasting Time and Start Losing Weight Today

Well, you've come this far, wading through a mass of information, so you've got to be genuinely concerned about losing weight. I know you've very probably been totally frustrated with earlier attempts to lose a few pounds, let alone completely transform as well your health and well-being on a permanent basis.

Ok, assuming all this to be true, and given that I've offered you a $4.95 trial for 21 days of The 30 Day Diet system, why wouldn't you commit to it? What more would it take to motivate you into action? I mean, if not now then when? (Maybe you want to wait until you've gone up another dress-size or, imagine it, another 15 pounds in weight!!? Maybe until NONE of your clothes fit or until you've spent yet more hard-earned money on yet another 'fad' diet-plan or 'pill-system'. Perhaps you just want to wait till the next sunny-day invite to an important friend's wedding or the holiday-chance to soak up the rays in your whale-bone corset of a swim-suit! Or until you've stuffed yourself again on more fatty take-aways or until, eventually, you develop a serious health-condition. Maybe it's just that health-condition that you're waiting for; the only thing that will get you into action (when just maybe it'll be too late!).

Most people I know (like me!) put weight-loss off until the next day or the next and so it goes on. It's SO easy to think, “Right, I'll start tomorrow.” Because we all know that this really means NEVER! There never IS a right time. There is really only NOW! You will always have a reason to put this off until tomorrow (which you know might never come) or next week or next month. Honestly, that's what all failures do. I know this too cos I've done it! They do it in one thing then they'll probably do it in everything, relationships, work and, yes, weight-loss.

Look, this is YOUR life, I know that and I respect it even though I'd obviously prefer you to do the opposite and follow through on your best intentions, took the decisive action you need to take and gave me and my team the chance to guide you through to fabulous weight-loss success and every good thing that naturally accompanies it; wonderful self-esteem, pride in achievement, increased vitality and shining 'feel-great' health that will inevitably come with this success. I mean this is how we were meant to live our lives, feeling fantastic and looking marvelous.

But it's a choice we must make and to do that it follows that there must be an ACTION we must take. YOUR choice and YOUR action. Only YOU can make the decision and to be brutally honest, The 30 Day Diet has already become extremely successful and prosperous. Your money won't 'make or break us'. Whether you do or don't become yet another successful dieter with the program won't impact my life one way or the other. I already made my decision some time ago to be fat-free and successful and thank god I did!). There will always be other committed people who use our program to successfully change their body-shape for their better benefit with our program.

So, this is all about YOU, not us. Your decision at this precise moment, NOW, whether to act and follow-through or not, impacts only You and YOUR life, not ours. All I can do is commit me and my team to be here for you and for us to be determined to make The 30 Day Diet program the last weight-loss programme you ever need and the very BEST weight-loss experience you have ever had – because this one WORKS! In fact, I guarantee it in writing. So now it's up to you.


Yes, we know: weight loss advertising is supposed to be full of photos of people who used to be fat and have since lost tons of weight. You normally see them holding their stretched out clothing, showing you how much weight they have managed to lose. There are dramatic stories of women who have stunned their husbands by looking 20 years younger in their sexy evening gowns, having lost 30 pounds of more. Well all of that is fun, but while it defies the rules of advertising, I’ve decided NOT to insult your intelligence with such ‘soap opera’ theatrics. I have already provided a FEW representative personal stories from my life, and I am happy to send you more should you wish. BUT WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT IS YOUR SUCCESS STORY AND OUR GUARANTEE

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The 30 Day Diet Guarantee

Examine it, test it, use the system to the MAX. I guarantee you’ll lose AT LEAST 15 pounds during that period. If you don’t or you’re unsatisfied with the system for any reason at all – simply cancel before the 60 day period is up - I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund…

…I’ll even let you keep all of the downloadable content for FREE as my way of saying thank-you.

I can make this guarantee because I am confident in the quality of The 30 Day Diet program – and I know that once you’ve given it a try, you will realise that it is the very best way to lose weight. At just $67, I think it’s the best deal out there. If you think about it in terms of getting the body you have always desired in 8 weeks, you’re only paying $1.20 per day for 8 weeks! You probably pay more than that for your morning shot of espresso and you’ll definitely pay more than that for a two month supply of Alli® - which certainly won’t give you the tools to keep weight off forever!

I’m so convinced that you’ll see fast and lasting fat loss results with The 30 Day Diet and be so thrilled with what you’ve achieved that you’ll keep the program, tell your friends about it and email me your success story or leave a testimonial.

End Problems With Your Weight TODAY

So, what are ALL your choices? You could just give up altogether, carry around your current weight and likely keep adding pounds and inches to your waistline…

…feeling embarrassed, tired all the time, and justifiably worried about your health. Or you could keep being a victim of the diet industry, shelling out your hard-earned money for the next advertised “wonder pill” that supposedly works better than the rest. Or you could actually lose weight on some fad diet that no human being could ever stick to for life, only to put all those pounds you lost back on – you could be one of those people with five different sizes of clothes in the wardrobe. Or you could let me send you this REVOLUTIONARY FAT LOSS PROGRAM and actually LEARN how to really optimize your body’s metabolism and eat pleasurably, healthily and naturally to lose weight, lose pounds and inches, achieve your desired weight and shape… …and LEARN an approach to weight control that you can live with for life.

Which choice makes the most sense to you?

YES Dan!

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  • I'm aware that this package gives me everything I need to totally transform the way I look, help me get the body of my dreams and become the envy of all my friends.

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To a new you,

Daniel Depp

Princess Inspired Founder of The 30 Day Diet

P.S. Remember, in addition to VIP access to The 30 Day Diet generator software, The 30 Day Diet Bible and Quick-Start Guide, you also get the two exclusive e-books: W8Loss Motiv8 and The Supplement Files. That’s a total value of $208 for just $67 – a saving of $141! Plus you even have the opportunity to trial the complete package for 21 days for just $4.95. But this offer is only available for a limited time – so don’t wait. Place your order right now!

P.P.S. Don't forget this whole best diet plan deal is covered by my 100% legally binding 60 day guarantee...remember you can check out the whole 30 day online diet plan system for a full 60 days, if you aren't happy with your progress, you get all of your cash back. It doesn't matter if you've lost 20 pounds in those 60 days... I'll still personally give you every single cent back the second you ask for it...

NOTE: The 30 Day Diet Generator is a software program that is accessible online. All e-books (The 30 Day Diet Bible, The Quick Start Guide, The Supplement Files and W8loss Motiv8) utilize the PDF file format that can be opened using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software available on both PC and Mac. Upon payment you will be able to download all e-books immediately and set-up your membership account to log-in to the diet generator software and discover the quickest way to lose weight. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.