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How To Get The 30 Day Diet For FREE

How To Get The 30 Day Diet For FREE


This Promotion is now over.

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Hold onto your seats.

I’m about to make you an AMAZING offer.

For the next 5 days ONLY I’ll be offering the complete 30 Day Diet system to you absolutely FREE – you won’t pay a cent.. …EVER.

Not only that, but I’ll also be personally consulting you during your first 30 days to ensure you get MAXIMUM RESULTS. I will listen to your issues, help you through your challenges and push you to make this weight loss stick – permanently.

Why am I doing this?

Two reasons:

  1. I want to help as many people as I can to get in the best shape of their lives – I did it and I know you can too!
  2. Because I know my 30 Day Diet program works and I want to prove it.

It’s my hope that when you successfully lose weight with the program, you’ll tell your friends and family how you did it and perhaps even give me a testimonial. I’d appreciate that.

This is your free pass to a slimmer, more toned you.


…I want to make SURE I select the right people. Not everyone is committed to changing and I don’t want to choose people who can’t see this thing through.

So, in order to what I’m asking of you is this…

At the bottom of this post is the comments area.

To be in with a chance of getting my full fast weight loss system for FREE, I need you to leave a comment telling me the following three things:

1.) How overweight you are currently and what your experiences have been when trying to lose weight in the past and why you think you’ve failed?

2.) Why you are desperate to lose weight starting today and how much you intend to lose?

3.) Why do you think I should choose you?

That’s it.

Remember, this opportunity is only valid for 5 days. I’ll be closing it at 12am EST next Thursday – we need to get started as soon as possible.

AND there is a catch!

Not a big one but an important one.

I’m expecting my first child very soon and as much as I’d like to, I’m not going to be able to properly devote my time to many, many people.

That means the maximum I can take on this is 5 people.

Make sure you’re one of them – leave your answers below in the comments area.

I’ll be back in touch very soon.

Good luck.

Stay strong, and keep believing.

Daniel Depp


P.S. This is for a limited time only – I’ll be pulling this promotion after 5 days. If you miss it, you’re out. If you want to lose that belly fat, get those toned legs, have a firm butt then you owe it to yourself to get in on this thing. Today.

P.P.S. Remember – I can only take 5 people – so be as detailed as possible! Make me choose YOU!

P.P.P.S. You might want to sign up for my free Weight Loss Secrets report if you haven’t already – by signing up you’ll get all the latest info, discount offers and promos associated with The 30 Day Diet – you can subscribe by clicking this link: Weight Loss Secrets Report

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  • Autumn Terriet says:

    Hi Daniel. I have been overweight for a few years now. I’m 24 & weigh a little over 200. My major issue with losing weight is not the eating healthy part, I have changed my bad habits & I’m proud of myself for keeping it that way for over a year now. I am desperate to lose my belly fat which seems impossible. I workout at least 4 times a day on the treadmill. I do 5 miles every time. I do manage to lose pounds but I can’t get my stomach to get in shape. I also do about 150 situps 3 times a week and still I see no results. I thought about getting a personal trainer but can’t afford it for now. I would like to see myself weighing about 160 with a flat tight tummy. I am doing this in hopes of looking nice in a wedding dress soon. It would mean the world if you would chose me as one of your 5.
    Thank you!

  • Frances says:

    I’ve been overweight for most of my life – not overly, but enough to feel uncomfortable. Right now I weight 170 odd pounds and I want to eventually get down to around 140. I know it will take time but I believe with the right guidance I could do it. I am always on a diet and I have had my successes – I did weight watchers for a while but I found the points system so frustrating and I think I need something simpler. I don’t really exercise although I know I should – I think my willpower is weak. Please choose me – I’d write you a great testimonial if your plan works for me!

  • victoria jane says:

    Hi daniel
    I am 25 and weigh 11st 10lb ideally i would like to be 9st 10lb but since having my 3 beautiful children i have struggled to lose the extra baby weight i gained while pregnant!! I eat healthy foods but have the occational treat, i work out 3times a week doing the windsor pilates fat burning workout and i walk around 3miles a day! I am now at a point where my weight has become a big issue and my confidence has taken a big knock. Although i know that i have the determination and will power to be successful in achieveing my goal i feel i need some guidence and help,I have thought about joining a gym but it isnt really an option as my youngest is only 1 and couldnt afford to put him in a nursery.
    Please help me i would really appreciate it if you would choose me as 1 of your 5.
    Thank you!!

  • Lynn says:

    I have tried ww easyslim high protein milkshakes…
    I need to lose 30kg

  • deborah jane says:

    Hi Daniel
    I want to ose the weight so I can enjoy my fifties and sixties with fitness and health. There is a histry of heart disease in my family and so I want o protect myself from that as much as I can. However I suffer from low willpower and hate being deprived! I have had success on diets before though and if it is based on 3 meals a day, that are easy to prepare then I believe I can stick to it. I am only 5ft 1 and wigh 86kgs so need to lose 20 kgs really – even 10 would be make me feel better! Thanks Debbie.

  • TIMOTHY says:

    Hi DAN,
    Am 35Years,I weigh 80kg in a bad share (wist and berry), I developed a berry 5 years ago. I have been having a very poor diets which is very hard to abandon, but am really trying to this year.My wife is screaming am getting boring in bed & out of shape. DAN! AM DYING TO LOOSE THIS EXTRA KILOS.
    Please choose me to safe may wife in me.

  • Megan says:

    Hi Daniel.

    I’m a 23 year old about to turn 24 next Friday, I weigh 154 pounds and it has dawned on me that I have been overweight since I was ten years old. I had very bad asthma when I was young and have found a way to blame my bad health and unhealthy lifestyle on that fact. I have used that as my reason and excuse for my unhealthy weight and just realised that I dont even rely on medication anymore for my asthma! The asthma is pretty much gone and all there is, is my overweight self.

    I finally understand where the accountability lies, within me and no one and nothing else. I’m ready! I’m excited and have a new appreciation for a life, although I am embarrased at how I created a mindset and lived in a bubble for so long. I’m ready to LIVE and I hope you will help me help myself get there.

  • Malista says:

    Hi Daniel, I am 37 and about 15kg overweight. All my weight sits in my midsection and arms, I have very toned legs. I have always battled to get rid of the weight around my midsection. I am reasonably active, i.e. gym at least 3 times a week and step on the Orbitrek for 15 minutes every morning. Since starting this about 2 weeks ago, I can see a small change. I do not have a problem overeating, the opposite is my problem really which is why I don’t understand the weight!!! I also retain lots of water even after cutting salt out of my diet. Advice would be highly appreciated. Regards, Malista

  • Evelyne M says:

    Hey Daniel, am a working mum of 2boys 6 and 4years respectively. I weigh 186lbs but I have been told I need to be 136lbs by various nutritionists that I have visited. My failure to cut weight is due to my profession, am an accountant hence sit alot 5days a week, in my free time, try to make up time with the kids.I enrolled at the health club but dont seem to be getting results, may be am doing the wrong exercises. I really need this as my self esteem has done down – I have been an inspiration to many peers but I dont feel appropriate anymore, my clothes cant fit, hence my sense of fashion has gone to the “dogs”. My brother will be wedding soon, my boys will be on the line up, it would help if I looked fabuolous that day. I will give the best testimony ever, when I get the diet and go through it as am sure, my results will be fantastic as am determined now more than ever!

  • Carol says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I am a 58 year old female who currently weighs 208 lbs. I have been on a walking program since November and have lost 18 lbs. I was down a few more lbs but gained a few during Christmas. I am now back on the walking program – at least 4-6 miles a day. We are having a walking/running contest where I work to see who can walk/run the most by May. I am currently in 2nd place. I have trimmed up my legs quite a bit, but my stomach is still a problem. The legs on all my pants are way too baggy, but the waist is still tight. I have the body build (inherited from my mom) of a large middle, smaller hip area.

    I had quite a scare a little while ago when my blood sugar was way high. It is now under better control; but I need to get my weight down. There is a family history of diabetes and I don’t want this to happen to me if I can prevent it. According to the charts I have seen, I need to lose at least 60 lbs. That seems like a very formidable task to me. I would like to give your program a try and hopefully get my health in better shape.

    Thanks for your consideration.


  • Bet Swanson says:

    I’m old and I’m fat and I want to give up but I found this site and all the things you say ring true. I need to be tougher with myself like I used to be but since I had my third child Ive become complacent. I am roughly 25 pounds overweight at least but I dont know exactly what I weigh. I do no exercise and my food fetish is krispy kreme donuts so thats not good but I think I can do it if you would only help me please!

  • Marissa says:

    I’m 48 years old and I weigh around 180llbs. I’ve lost around 20 pounds in the last 2 yrs but I want to get down to at least 150 and I think I can with the right plan and good advice. I’ve tried weight watchers, jenny craig and the atkins. All of them helped but I got into the same bad old habits of snacking on cookies and lapsing on my workouts. Its just so hard, my husband tells me he loves me as I am and I should just give up but Im not happy. Please help!

  • Steve Rowland says:

    I’m 37, 5’10” and 17 stone 10 (248 lbs).  4 years ago I weighed 21.5 stone (302 lbs) and through exercise and proper nutrition I lost a great deal of weight.  But then I hit a plateau, my weight loss stopped. I carried on doing what I had been doing but nothing seemed to work.  If anything my training has intensified as I’m running half marathons now and hopefully I’m going to run a full marathon later in the year although I have nothing booked.  I’m not sure why my weight loss has stalled, the food that I’m eating is the same as it was and the type of exercise I do is the same.  I think my body may have gotten used to what I’m doing and now I need a complete overhaul from an expert like yourself. 
    I want to lose weight as I have massive self confidence issues and I feel that if I lost weight my confidence would return.  When I lost weight a few years ago, my confidence levels did rise and I felt better about myself but as the weight loss slowed I felt demoralised and fed up.  I also feel very self conscious in the gym and feel slightly embarrassed about exercising in front of others especially if the gym is busy, this is probably down to the fact that I don’t fully know what I’m doing.  If I had someone like you to tell me exactly what to do and when, what weights to lift and how many reps to do, I would feel a lot more comfortable about using weights.  I also need someone to check my food diary and give me some pointers as to where I’m going wrong.  I’ve lost no weight over the past 2 years so I must be doing something wrong. 
    I would like to get down to around 12-13 stone (168-182 lbs).  When I take part in races I often race money for a local cancer charity and I’ve been thinking of different ways to raise money for them other than just doing runs.  One of the things I thought about doing was a tandem skydive, i researched it but unfortunately the maximum weight is 15 stone (210 lbs) so sadly I cannot take part at the moment.  I would love to be able to lose the weight, do the skydive and raise the money for the cancer charity that helped my auntie when she was in hospital. I also want to lose weight so I can then start to build muscle. 
    I think you should choose me because I am a hard grafter, I will listen to everything you tell me and follow the plan to the letter.  I have no problems working out twice a day if necessary, whatever it takes to shift this excess weight.  I would be the model pupil!

  • Gloria Jackson says:

    Hi, my name is Gloria. I DEFINITELY would like to be one of the lucky. I am a 24 mother of 2 gorgeous little boys and although I love them to pieces…they really took a toll on my body. Not to place all of the blame of them though because I only just recently started working out to try and better myself. My eating habits aren’t bad but they can be better. I think the program would be great for me because it will give me structure and that’s something that I lack. It’s kind of hard for me to follow my own rules and so I think your program would truly benefit me. I’m just tired of seeing myself the way I do. I currently weigh 172 and would like to get down to somewhere between 135 and 140. I am willing to put in hard work and determination so that I can reach my goals….I’m so ready for this and if I am one of the chosen ones…it would seriously make my day. Good luck to everyone else as well!

  • Joy Dididjon says:

    Hi, I am 35 and currently weighing 77kg. Losing weight is a daunting task, especially the exercises aspect as well as diet plan. I think i failed in the past because I was not consistent
    with my program of daily workout.As a single person, still searching I need to be in good shape for him and for health reasons too, I want to be physically fit.I intend to lose 14 kg by my BMI. I want you to choose me because I would help to advertise your service and recommend it to others. secondly, what you are recommending seems incredible, perhaps too good to be true. so i want to see a proof of it. I hope I would be chosen. Thanks for the good work, Kudos. Joy. D

  • Cynthia says:

    Hi, my name is Cynthia, my current weifht is 322lbs.i have been over weight for the pass 15years, never in a million years thought i could be this heavy, all my child hood i played sports and stayed active. Now im feeling so uncomfortable, and paying for every minute of it. I have high cholestral and problems with my breathing. i just want all that to go away. im tired of not wearing the clothes that i like to wear, it just drives me crazy. I have took steps, i joined a gym, my eating habits still need some work. i think the reason wh i have failed because i havent given a 100% to getting the weight off, but i ready now…please help. and plus my mother is heavy, so i want her to get on the right path, we can do it together, she also has high blood pressure.

  • Catherine Bell says:

    Not sure how old this thing is but I really need your help. I am 17 and prob about 200 pounds.. I need something that I can really stick to.. HELP!! Thanks x

  • pradeep deshwal says:

    hey i just wanted to loose my belly fat can u please tell me nything to reduce that …i just want full ripped abs. so plz help me

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