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5 Super-Strategies To Get Fast New Year Weight Loss In 2011

01 Jan Posted by Daniel in Blog, Weight Loss Tips | 1 comment
5 Super-Strategies To Get Fast New Year Weight Loss In 2011

New year weight loss: ever thought about it? If you’re here, reading this, I’m sure you have done. To lose weight is always one of the most popular resolutions as the calendar clicks towards the New Year. However, before the first week of January is out, many who were so staunch in their desire to banish the bulge have already given up, and barely lost a pound!

Why is this? Well, no matter what your new years resolutions are: whether you want to give up smoking, be more outgoing, make more money, or get into those old jeans, the difference between success and failure comes down to having the correct mindset, and the right habits. If you have those vital elements in place, all you need to do is have a concrete weight loss plan and execute it.

If you have made these kind of weight loss resolutions in the past and fallen short, realise that losing weight this new year can be different. You can follow a new path and totally transform the way you look for the better, this is how to lose weight in 2011…

1.) Set Clear Goals From The Get-Go.

Most people trying to shed a few pounds sabotage their efforts by not being clear with their goals. Let me break it down:

a.) You need to be specific; saying “I want to lose weight” is far too general. Instead, get a figure in your head – how much you want to lose, and…

b.) Set yourself a time-frame. 30 days is a good place to start. Scientists and experts have found that it takes approximately thirty days to establish a new habit – start small and move forwards from there.

c.) Make sure the goals you set are realistic. If you are 50 pounds overweight, don’t expect to wave goodbye to the bulge within a month or even two – you didn’t get fat overnight, you won’t lose it all overnight either! Set yourself something achievable and sustainable.

2.) Establish A Concrete Plan For Your Weight Loss Goals.

If you want to lose weight this year, stop saying things like “I’m going to exercise 5 times per week and eat less junk food”, remember your goals need to be crystal clear – as does your weight loss program. It is highly probable that you’ll need to make some difficult changes to both your eating strategies and your exercise schedule, and if you want to make sure your weight loss is permanent, these things will need to be adhered to for the rest of your life. Start planning out everything, from the food you will eat to the times you’ll eat them, calculate your maintenance level; the calories your body needs to lose weight and personalize as much as you can! Get as much of this down on paper as possible – it will make you feel far more confident – it gives you a road map.

3.) Exercise Alongside A Change In Diet, Not Instead Of!

Some people who make resolutions to lose weight for new year assume that all they need do is join the local gym and start doing more exercise. Sure, exercise is a fantastic idea for so many reasons; it improves your cardiac fitness, it lifts your mood and makes you feel energized and good about yourself. There is absolutely no doubt that regular physical activity is great for your overall health but exercise alone is unlikely to decrease your waistline unless you make some serious changes to your nutritional habits at the same time. Don’t count on exercise alone – choose healthy foods, eat at the right time and in the right amount – make all these changes and you’ll guarantee outstanding fat loss this year.

4.) Focus On The Short-term, And The Long-term Will Take Care Of Itself.

I write a lot about the huge benefits you get when your weight loss diet and exercise program is focused on the long-term, but this isn’t to say that the short-term should be discounted. My only issue with short-term weight loss is that most fad diets promote quick-fix, all or nothing weight loss and care little about your continued success. Achieving lasting new year weight loss requires a permanent change in your eating habits, that is true but by foregoing your favourite foods forever is a recipe for disaster (excuse the pun!).

Take a leaf out of people who have broken other habits like alcohol and smoking. They usually follow a day to day strategy until they manage to break those old habits and a new healthier way of life is established. Don’t forget that dieting habits are far easier to break than more serious addictions like tobacco or alcohol – and you can still benefit from this short-term focus.

5.) Stay The Course.

I’ll leave you with this final thought; remember, there is no doubt you will experience challenges along the way; you’ll make mistakes and have slip-ups – but that is all part of the process. Never use these setbacks as an excuse to give up – failure is only feedback, correct your mistakes, stay strong and you’ll get that 2011 new year weight loss: you deserve it!

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