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The #1 Weight Loss Success Secret

18 Jan Posted by Daniel in Blog, Weight Loss Tips | Comments
The #1 Weight Loss Success Secret

Weight loss success still illudes us. In 2010 the Healthy Weight Network reported that Americans spent $68.7 billion on diet products and exercise equipment and yet 34% of Americans are still obese according to data published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The “quick-fix” fast weight loss diet mentality so prevalent in Western culture is a difficult one to change and it continues to contribute to weight loss failures and frustrations. Of course it is vitally important to modify your eating habits in order to lose weight, but if you are striving to banish the belly fat permanently you must do so with a commitment to eat a certain way for the rest of your life.

Real, long-lasting weight loss success comes down to what goes on between your ears. Your mind is a powerful thing and experiencing one dieting failure after another is not only frustrating, it’s emotionally draining. Before the first meal of your new dietary lifestyle is eaten, your mindset will determine your ultimate results.

First and foremost:

Weight Loss Is All In Your Head.

Your state of mind has a huge influence on your success or failure at losing weight. If you want to lose any weight at all you absolutely must change your habits, and this of course is going to require you to change the way you react to certain situations and challenges. If you want great results, you need empowering behaviours!

Accept Responsibility.

In order to lose weight successfully you’ll need to start accepting responsibility; not just for your eating and exercise habits, but also for your past weight loss failures. Most diets work, some are better than others but if you failed, then ultimately it’s down to you – a workman doesn’t blame his tools! No more excuses.

Be Honest

Why did you fall short last time you tried to lose weight? It’s time to get brutally honest, now that doesn’t mean you should castigate yourself over your failures, it simply means you need to start getting serious. What were the real reasons you failed to lose weight before? Was it a fear of failure? When you keep falling down, your motivation takes a beating and you feel frustrated and depressed. Was it the fear of losing your friends?

Losing weight can have lots of consequences; when you drop a lot of weight and go from fat girl or guy to sexy, toned and buff you start competing with your slimmer friends and this can totally change the dynamics of your friendship. Perhaps it was apprehension about the added attention you’ll likely receive? Suddenly becoming the centre of everyone’s attention can be especially daunting, especially if you’re a shy person. Are you mentally prepared to deal with all this stuff? Removing the mental blocks to your weight loss will help the rest fall neatly into place.

Get Specific.

What exactly do you want to achieve here? You should be writing down your weight loss goals and be as specific as possible. Make sure they are realistic, measurable and achievable and give yourself a deadline. Goals that require you to lose a small amount of weight by a specific date are a great way to begin. Set both long-term and short-term weight loss goals. Shorter, smaller goals break down your long-term targets into more manageable chunks. Losing 50 pounds in a year may seem unachievable but when you focus on a pound a week it seems much more doable.

Change The Flash-light Of Your Focus.

You past failures to lose weight can be attributed to either a lack of focus, or the wrong focus. Forget about the negative aspects of losing weight like feeling deprived and instead focus on the positive – how you’ll look and feel, the sexy clothes you’ll be able to wear when you get this thing done. You should be focusing on being healthy, not obsessing over being thin and you should be choosing foods that enhance your health, not making food choices based upon weight loss alone.

Be Good To Yourself.

Reward yourself when you reach each short-term goal, but do so in a healthy way. Plan these rewards in advance – these rewards could be getting a massage, buying a new piece of clothing or taking a weekend break some place nice. With this being said, don’t punish yourself if you fall short on occasion – we all make mistakes, if you do slip up analyze what went wrong and get right back on the horse – don’t dwell on it and certainly don’t give up.

Get The Right Support.

By building support system around you you’ll gain inspiration from those around you. Having people follow your progress will hold you accountable for your actions and can provide you with encouragement when things get tough. The right kind of support can make the difference between giving up and attaining the kind of weight loss success you’ve dreamed about.

Creating the right weight loss mindset is more than half the battle. Of course there will be challenges and obstacles along the way but when you’ve got your head straight you can overcome the distractions and temptations and foster long-lasting change to attain permanent weight loss success.

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