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The Real Reason You Cannot Lose Weight

29 Jun Posted by Daniel in Blog, Weight Loss Tips | Comments
The Real Reason You Cannot Lose Weight

Ever wondered said to yourself “I cannot lose weight!” despite following various diets and taking the latest weight loss pills? I know I have. I was struggling with my weight for a long time and I was getting more and more frustrated with how I looked and how difficult it was to change. Every expert was telling me that in order to lose weight I needed to focus on three key components: nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. They offered me some super weight loss tips: told me to cut carbs, shift calories, use high intensity training, drink more water – all good advice, but something wasn’t working, I was missing the point (and they were too)…

The point is, when it comes to losing weight in the most effective way, and losing it permanently, the biggest determinant of weight loss (or indeed weight gain) is what’s going on in your mind. Yes, exercise is important, the right nutrition is vital, but it is this psychology of weight loss which is hardly ever discussed in any depth by any of the experts that is (in my opinion) the absolute BIGGEST reason you cannot lose weight.

When I got this, it changed my life and my weight has never been an issue since. If you, or someone you know has been struggling with weight, pay close attention and pass this post along through email, click the twitter button at the bottom of the page, add it to your Facebook – it has the potential to change everything.

The mentality of weight loss is not discussed by the experts because most of them don’t understand it – most experts have all the certifications, the degrees, the letters after their names but they fail to have obtained the most important qualification of all – most of them have never been in your position, they aren’t aware that first and foremost losing weight is an emotional process. When your head is in the right place, your shape can begin to change.

Your attitude, mind-set, self-control and decision making are the real keys to successful long-term weight loss. If you have been reading this blog, or subscribed to my newsletter for any length of time you know what to do, the problem is – you don’t do what you know – or else you would already be in possession of the body you really want. People in the 21st century have never been more educated, never had more resources, never had more reasons to lose weight and yet, people have never been more over-weight.

There are too many excuses being made: “I cannot lose weight because of…”, too much time being wasted. But people don’t want to hear this message – it’s too obvious, too simple, requires too much sacrifice, too much work, too much self-control. People would rather hear about the latest miracle pill, quick-fix diet, or potion, they tune into Oprah and find out the easiest way to lose weight. Quick, easy weight loss is what everyone wants. People have become lazy and soft – always after instant gratification – this is the quick-fix society, we want the answer that requires minimal effort and minimal sacrifice, of course this means we get minimal results and we stay fat.

Here are 3 things to think about, all of which you can use to lose lots of weight fast, and permanently:

1.) Attitude = Outcome.

How you think determines your results. If you think you can, you probably will. If you think you can’t lose weight, it’s impossible. Start developing the right attitude now, then it’s just a matter of choosing the best diet plan and exercise routine. Do this and your results are going to be incredible.

2.) Forget easy.

Stop looking for the easy way out and instead look for the most effective way out. Nothing worth having is ever easy – if you really do want to change the way you look, you need to do the right things – and those things aren’t necessarily the easiest things.

3.) Change your lifestyle.

If you are fat, it’s a fact that you have cultivated some bad habits with regard to your weight. Changing those behaviours won’t be easy, some dieters manage to change them for a while but until they change their core thinking and beliefs, lasting success illudes them. Don’t wait for your diet or workout program to be over so you can go back to being normal – think of this as your new life, begin by changing habits slowly – focusing on a complete change in lifestyle will give you lasting results.

This article may be hard for you to swallow. For some it may be too much, it may shatter their dreams of quick and easy weight loss. But for others, this may just help push you over the edge and make you completely committed to getting in shape for life. I’ll leave you with one final thought…

…get your head right first, then get yourself an easy weight loss plan that is super-effective – do that and you’ll soon stop complaining that you cannot lose weight.

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